Yang Zhaoproduct designer


product design, new product development
Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, objective-C

Product goal

Throughout user research, we figured out that most people have been stressed to maintain a "positive image" on social networking sites. Often, people did not want to express their thoughts freely; even sometimes they did, they tended to delete their posts a couple of days later, just becuse they thought they looked silly.

On the other hand, Whisper and Secret cannot fulfill them either when they are entirely anonymous. People still want to be unique and individualistic.

So we created Sobrr, where we enjoy life in the moment.

My roles

1. worked with the CEO and other founding members to brainstorm ideas by interviewing targer users and studying scenarios;

2. reinforced a complex product strategy within engineering and design groups ensuring a shared vision and increasing momentum across development initiatives;

3. designed the interactions and interfaces for the Sobrr iOS App and Android App, and coded the website Sobrr.me;

4. defined Sobrr branding guide and visual language to create a cohesive experience.


The App is currently live on AppStore.

The design (old version)

The design (latest version)

Please access the latest design on Flinto prototype.

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