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usability testing, interviewing, survey, competitive analysis

This is the Needs and Usability Assessment course project. Our client is Katie Johnson, the founder of The Hikery. I teamed up with Eddie Huang, Arezu Aghaseyedjavadi, Alexandra Greenspan, and Amy Fu. The project lasted for 2 months. We sent out online survey and received 87 responses; we outreached to hiking and climbing communities for in-person surveys. We also conducted usability testing for 8 participants, and conducted competitive analysis of 6 competitors.

Project Goals

1. Investigate factors that motivate or deter people from hiking
2. Determine what attributes of a hike are most conducive to socializing
3. Identify the best process to enable a good socialization experience through hiking

Usability Testing and Interviewing

Online and In-Person Survey

Competitive Analysis

Key Findings

1. Factors that motivate or deter people from hiking:
Motivators: the outdoors, exercise, getting to know someone
Deterrents: safety, awkwardness

2. Attributes of a hike most conducive to socializing:
Lots of time to get to know someone
Relaxed atmosphere
Group settings

3. Best process to enable a good socialization experience through hiking:
Easy planning
Abundance of trail information
Hiking buddies with common interests

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